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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.1º born from fertile soil, where a mixture of three ancient trees can be found. Unique to this part of the world these three varieties together and mixed in the same place can not be achieved anywhere else: Morruda, Sevillenca and Farga.

Three unique olive

The Cugat siblings, descendants from the Ebro Delta going back generations, decided to launch the production and commercialization of their family olive groves. Something their ancestors would never have dreamed of… This was done with the intention of sharing the richness their land has to offer: Extra Virgin Olive Oil born from fertile soil, where a mixture of three ancient trees can be found,unique to this part of the world: Morruda, Sevillenca and Farga. Rendering a truly exclusive oil: Xertoli Coupage.

A land thriving in the Mediterranean climate, filled with its essence, sunlight and color.
Similarly, years later, the family arrived at les Borges Blanques with the hope of transmitting their love to the land where the winters are really cold and the summers dry and excruciatingly hot. Under these extreme temperatures, exquisite Arbequina oil is obtained that is enjoyed and appreciated by Top Chefs.

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Delta del Ebro. Xerta

Below the Tortosa Ports and very close to the Ebro River, our “Mother” estate is located where our extra virgin Xertoli olive oil was born and is produced from the mixture of three olives: Morruda, Sevillenca and Farga. These three varieties together can only be found in this part of the world, making this a unique blend: in Baix-Ebre / Montsià, a rugged area of the Mediterranean. Our crops date back to Roman times, with trees dating back centuries and some dating back millenia.

Les Borges Blanques. Espluga Calba

Espluga Calva estate is located in an amazing natural environment (amid pine forests, with a beautiful array of native plants thyme, rosemary…) our family mission is based on working the land in a natural and respectful manner. The estate sits in the area of Les Garrigues, Lleida, at 434m from the sea; half of which consists of pine forests and the rest dry lands with the difference that we rely on private wells and can supply water to all of our trees.

As mentioned previously, this is an area characterized by: “climatic contrasts” the winters are cold and harsh (naturally controlling the insects, and avoiding the need to treat our trees with chemical pesticides) and the summers extremely hot during the day but relatively cold during the night with a substantial difference in temperature.

Taking all these characteristics into account and adding the love, care and respect that we give to the land, we are able to make Xertoli truly unique and special.
In this estate we solely and intensively produce the arbequina variety.

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Xertoli Caviar

Type of oil: Extra Virgin (0,1º acidity) Coupage milenario / Arbequino

Region: Delta del Ebro

Glass Jar: 50gr

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Xertoli Caviar
Extra virgen 0,1º
Xertoli Coupage
Extra virgin 0,1º
Xertoli Coupage
Extra virgin 0,1º
Xertoli Arbequino
Extra virgin 0,1º
Xertoli Zarzuela
Extra virgin 0,3º
Xertoli Opereta preview
Xertoli Opereta
Virgin (1º acidity)

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